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We introduce ourselves as Azo-free dyestuffs manufacturing companies in Pakistan. Quality of our dyestuffs strictly conforms to the International Standards and these are being successfully used in the native Tanneries for dyeing of leather material manufactured for local as well as export purposes and dyeing for textiles. These dyes are also being exported to Bangladesh and have met the entire approval of our buyers both in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Tanneries and textile units in the country, who are engaged in the export of materials, are consistently using these dyestuffs to the entire satisfaction of their local & foreign customers.
Our Company was established in 1989 as a Private Company and went into production in Ist January 1993. The Company was floated on the Stock Exchanges in Pakistan in October 1994.
Sardar Chemical Industries Limited is involved in the manufacture of various classes of dyestuffs producing Acid dyes, Direct dyes, Reactive dyes, and Optical Brightener for the Textile Industry.


NTN 0815248 – 9
Sales Tax Registration 05-06-2900-002-64
Import Trade Control No : W142213
Export Trade Control No : W256219
Company Date of Registration : 03-10-1989
Registration No : P-00267/18891006
CUIN Registration No : 0020311
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