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Notice of Corporate Briefing Session 2021                    Download

Financial Results for Year Ended 30-06-21                   Download

SECP NOTICE TO SHAREHOLDERS                                 Download

E-Dividend Information Form                                          Download

Proxy Form                                                                                 Download

Holding of Corporate Briefing Session (CBS)              Download            

New Compliance Certificate for Functional Website. Download

Compliance Certificate for Functional Website.          Download

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All Shareholders are requested to provide details as per the form attached enabling us to
transfer the amount of cash dividend through electronic mode.   Click Here
Data may be shared via Email @
For further assistance, please call us at 092-42-35711154 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. working days)


All Shareholders are requested to convert their physical shares into Book Entry Form
at their earliest as required u/s-72 of the Companies Act -2017.
To see Announcement   Click Here